Shifting Shores

Shifting Shores is a four-year project (2019-2022) funded by an Emergences grant from the City of Paris, Bureau de l’Innovation, and coordinated by assistant professor Giacomo Parrinello (Center for History at Sciences Po). It examines the historical links between social and natural processes that are responsible for contemporary coastal morphological changes, focusing on three retreating deltas in the Mediterranean: the Po (Italy), the Rhône (France), and the Ebro (Spain). Combining fluvial geomorphology, environmental history, and history of science, the project aims at analysing the alteration of sediment fluxes that connect deltas with their river basins, their causes and consequences, and the societal responses to these. This website will report about research activities and outcomes of Shifting Shores, including conferences, workshops, as well as articles and other written outputs. The blog section will also present some source material and discuss methodological stakes of this interdisciplinary project.

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